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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
Deprecated, legacy project. Exists only to support existing dependents (e.g., ZEO)
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doc Back to development: 2.2.post2 Jul 29, 2019
examples From(proc.wait()) instead of form proc.wait() Feb 24, 2016
tests Merge pull request #6 from mindw/fix_win32_test Feb 5, 2016
trollius Metadata updates. Jul 29, 2019
.gitattributes Switch hgignore and hgeol to git equivalents Apr 11, 2015
.gitignore ignore inline built extensions Nov 13, 2015
.travis.yml Run asyncio with python nightly builds too on travis Aug 5, 2015
AUTHORS replace Tulip with asyncio Jul 9, 2015
COPYING Python issue #23208: Add BaseEventLoop._current_handle Jan 26, 2015 Metadata updates. Jul 29, 2019
Makefile copy files from trollius Jul 7, 2015
README.rst Metadata updates. Jul 29, 2019
TODO.rst Ugly hack to support Python 3.5 with the PEP 479 Feb 5, 2016
appveyor.yml Nope, drop PyPy: It does not actually build. Jul 29, 2019 Port remaining files Jul 7, 2015
overlapped.c Port overlapped.c Jul 7, 2015
pypi.bat Python issue #23208: Add BaseEventLoop._current_handle Jan 26, 2015
releaser.conf has been removed Nov 22, 2017 Test without ssl or without concurrent Jul 11, 2015
setup.cfg Use right executable for pypy Jul 29, 2019 Add Development Status :: 7 - Inactive classifier. Jul 29, 2019
tox.ini Remove aiotest tests Mar 9, 2018 enhance git merge Jul 11, 2015 Merge asyncio into trollius Jul 11, 2015 don't commit in Jul 11, 2015



No Maintenance Intended


The Trollius project is deprecated and unsupported. It is on PyPI to support existing dependencies only.

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