The game of social deduction, designed by Don Eskridge. (This is an unofficial online version.)
CoffeeScript Shell
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An unofficial online (real-time, websocket-based) version of The Resistance, the awesome game of social deduction designed by Don Eskridge.

Buy the original game, and support the developers! It's an awesome party game, and the art is great! This is just a way to play with people remotely, facilitated by a server to keep track of rounds/voting and Google+ Hangouts to facilitate yelling at each other until your voice is hoarse.


  • mongodb
  • node.js, and then (from inside the code directory):

    npm install express@3 mongoskin@0.6.3 underscore node-uuid
    sudo npm install -g coffee-script


Make sure that the mongo daemon is running, e.g.:

sudo mongod

And then, from the code directory, run:


Then go to:

A game requires at least 5 players before it can be started.