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This is extension for SmartFoxServer.

It allow for guest to login or for registered users.

You must change the database name in the

mongo = new Mongo("localhost");
db = mongo.getDB( "games_development" );
users = db.getCollection("users");

Do what you want :-)

It return the generate session back to the Flash API Client, use it for whatever you want later in the game.

It only check against the DB if the user enter password.

This is how my collection looks like.

{ "_id" : ObjectId("4e4c1b6853aaa95c3dab8ac9"), "nickname" : "jamal", "email" : "", "password_digest" : "b80587d3ea099bba190ed8111f38121dc3514460", "session" : "2E931AAA9086D3D81E2C640F667B38BD" }
{ "_id" : ObjectId("4e4c5580c2e6d19c17593612"), "nickname" : "test", "session" : "16E9C076E1BC490363EB4690317AC23C", "is_guest" : true }

You can find me at forum if you need any help :D

Thanks :)