The code used for "Overcoming Troubles with Class-Based (Generic) Views," my presentation at DjangoCon 2013.
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Overcoming Troubles with Class-Based (Generic) Views

This repository contains the code used in my DjangoCon 2013 presentation. All other materials may be accessed here.

NB: To ease setup of this demonstration, the Django Secret Key has not been removed from the file. This site should therefore never be used for production purposes.


$ git clone djotwcbv
$ cd djotwcbv
$ ./ syncdb
$ ./ runserver 7777

Navigate your preferred browser to

Source Code Perusal

To make navigating the code easier, the project provides several tags. Each tag corresponds to a specific moment in the presentation/article.

Any of the tags may be accessed with: git checkout tagname. For example: git checkout cbgv-url-only.

In order of appearance:

  • function-views
    • The site uses functions to process requests.
  • cbv
    • The site uses class-based views to process requests.
  • cbgv-basic
    • The site uses class-based generic views (in bank/ to process requests, removing the necessity for bank/
  • cbgv-url-only
    • The site uses class-based generic views in the URL mapping (bank/ to process requests, removing the necessity for bank/ (bank/ still unnecessary).
  • cbgv-customized
    • The site achieves the goals set forth in the presentation/article by customizing class-based generic views in bank/ and overriding ModelForm functionality in bank/ This last tag is equivalent to head of master.