Sacred Geometry Mixins for LESS CSS
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LESS Sacred

Sacred Geometry Mixins for LESS CSS.

This set of mixins was created for use on a WordPress site for the architecture and design firm, [Concordia] ( in New Orleans, LA. Concordia takes pride in their respect and adherence to the rules of proportion found in nature and sacred geometries. These ratios and relationships guide their design work, so naturally, their website should, too.

Unfortunately, the designs were already in finalized when this was brought to my attention (naturally), so I thought the best course of action was to retrofit the comps we'd already designed in our favorite creative professional software suite. I decided to use three Sacred Ratios (listed below) and apply them to the site knowing that for each element in question one dimension would be set in stone, while the other dimension could be programatically generated...

The Available Ratios

For use with this project, three ( tres ) Mixins were created available:

  • 1:1.618 - "Golden Ratio" AKA "Phi"
  • 1:1.437 - Silver or Root 2 Rectangle
  • 1:2.2 - Root 5 rectangle

How this ol' thing works

All of the mixins accept a dimension param and return a class with a calculated width or height dimension, depending on the namespace you use (#make-width and #make-height, respectively). Basically, you pass a the value you already know, and choose the mixin based on the expected return value being either the "1" proportion, or the other side.

Example: Known width, make me a height

On Concordia's landing page there are four image links at the bottom whose width I designed to be 280px when the inner column is at its widest limit (1280px with some padding). I thought it would look good with a 1:1.618 proportion with 280px being the longer edge, so, in order to get the shorter edge of the rectangle, I used #make-height .1-618-shorter( @width ):

.homepage-footer {
  	li {
  		@width: 280px;
		.link-wrap {
		  width: @width;
		  #make-height .1-618-shorter( @width );

which produces:

.homepage-footer li .link-wrap {
	height: 174px;

boom shaka laka

Feel free contact me with any questions regarding the syntax or ideas to improve this lil' ol' liberry.