Stripped down simple starting point for an admin interface, to be used with regulator package.
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This package has been built to work with Laravel 5.4.33 and later. Some older versions may not be compatible. If you are starting fresh, create your laravel application first thing and install the regulator package.


  1. Add the package to your compose.json file:
    "jameron/admin": "*",
composer update

**NOTE Laravel 5.5+ users there is auto-discovery so you can ignore steps 2 and 3

  1. Update your providers:
  1. Update your Facades:
        'Admin' => Jameron\Admin\Facades\RegulatorFacade::class,
  1. Publish the config: (this moves the config file from the vendor directory to the laravel config/ directory)
php artisan vendor:publish
  1. Install Bootstrap 4 and Popper.js (Bootstrap needs popper.js)

First uninstall that old bootstrap 3 sass

npm uninstall --save bootstrap-sass

Then install bootstrap 4 and its dependency popper.js

npm install popper.js --save
npm install bootstrap@4.0.0-beta.2 --save

open up resources/assets/js/bootstrap.js and add this line after Jquery before bootstrap:

window.Popper = require('popper.js').default;

  1. Update the layout file both of these views:

to use


Optionally if you would like to use the Admin Bootstrap 4 login form delete the form that comes with Laravel and add in the Admin sign_in view partial in the container. The login.blade file might look like this:


    <div class="container">
  1. Update webpack config
   .js('resources/assets/admin/js/AdminDependencies.js', 'public/js/Admin.js')
   .sass('resources/assets/admin/sass/admin.scss', 'public/css')
  1. Update your resources/assets/scss/app.scss
@import "~bootstrap/scss/bootstrap";
@import "~font-awesome/scss/font-awesome";
  1. If you want a sidenav bar you can edit the config/admin.php file with your buttons list on a per role basis, don't forget that you may need to run php artisan config:cache when you make changes.

To add the side nav bar to your view file insert the partial like so:

@include('admin::partials.utils._side_nav', [
'buttons' => 
( Auth::check() && 
  && isset(config('admin.side_nav.roles')[Auth::user()->roles()->first()->slug]['buttons']) ) 
  ? config('admin.side_nav.roles')[Auth::user()->roles()->first()->slug]['buttons'] 
  : [] 
  1. Update your reset password view file to use the bootstrap 4 version provided by this package

Delete everything between the @section @endsection and make sure that the view layout you extend uses the admin namespace and you import the bootstrap 4 reset password html in the partial.

The finished file should look like this:


Update your reset password form view file:

  1. Update your PasswordController redirect to path.


    protected $redirectTo = '/dash';
  1. Update your paginator class to use Bootstrap 4

php artisan vendor:publish

Select the option that shows this:


Then open up your bootsstrap/app.php and add these lines:

Illuminate\Pagination\AbstractPaginator::defaultView("pagination::bootstrap-4"); Illuminate\Pagination\AbstractPaginator::defaultSimpleView("pagination::simple-bootstrap-4");

in you resources/views/vendor/bootstrap-4.blade.php file update this line to this:

<ul class="pagination @if(config('admin.theme')=='dark')pagination-dark @endif">