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Slack RTM (Real Time Messaging) API Integration

GoDoc Build Status

This package allows integration with the Slack Real Time Messaging API for consuming and publishing messages in real time to/from Slack.

To make use of the API, you will need to setup a user account or a 'bot' (robot) user (a special kind of user account specifically designed for programatic access to APIs) and obtain an authentication token from Slack.

Once you have a user account and an authentication token you can use the API to connect to slack. Here is an example:

conn, err := slack.Connect(slackToken)
if err != nil {

replier := func(msg *slack.Message) {

slack.EventProcessor(conn, replier, nil)

The above snippet of code connects to the Slack RTM API over a web socket and starts listening for all messages directed specifically at the user account used to connect to slack (either a direct message or a message in a channel preceded by '@username:' ). It will then echo the same message back to Slack.

To also process messages not directed specifically at the connected user, a similar function can be passed as the third parameter to the EventProcessor method (either in addition to or instead of the second parameter).

This package is used by Talbot, a bot that is available to be used directly, extended or simply as an example.


Features implemented

  • Processing Slack message events
  • Option to respond
    • just to directed messages (those sent as private messages or preceeded by '@username:' in open channels)
    • to all messages
    • or to both directed and all messages independently.
  • Sending messages to Slack
  • Automatic reconnection following a lost connection
  • Support for explicit web proxies (running on corporate LANs)
  • Chunking of large messages into multiple smaller messages for sending to Slack
  • Updating configuration based upon new member events, etc.

To Do

Still outstanding...

  • Reliable message sending i.e. checking for Ack's for sent messages (especially upon reconnection)
  • Processing of Slack message changed events (currently ignored)
  • Processing other Slack event types