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#JamesDibble Everyone has to have something named after themselves right...?

Here we have my (work in progress) application framework, collection of extension methods and service bus implementation.

The solution is continuously integrated using AppHarbour.

##Application Framework This is my collection of classes that I use to abstract certain operations out of actual projects I complete for other people. After completing a couple of websites for clients, it was obvious what code could be extracted and shared between projects, so that's exactly what I did.

The idea is to create a consistent interface for accessing things like persitence and configuration.

I'm working on creating some documentation.

##Extensions Speaks for itself, butt loads of extension methods! I think every solo .Net programmer has at some point said "I'm gonna create a library to share all these extension methods one day...". Well I actually did. This is the proof. So there.

##Service Bus This namespace could be part of the Application Framework, but I felt it deserved it's own place in the solution.

###What is it? This is a work in progress enterprise service bus reusable class library for use in all types of applications no matter how big or small.

###Where can I find out information on it. Again, I am working on documentation for this, as well as a good way of sharing the design.

##Legal Shizzle For now, take what you want. Use where you want. Simples.