Open source controller for the Ascent FunRock climbing wall.
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This project implements an open-source controller for the Ascent FunRock motorized climbing wall. The software currently targets the linux platform.
Please review the open issues before running this code.

heartrate graph

project status

While one persistent bug lingers on, the code base is stable, and I have been happily using variations of it myself for years.

basic operation

The code allows for control of the climbing wall's two motors:

  • one for speed
  • one for incline

This allows for the creation of workout sessions that follow pre-scripted sequences. As well as session which are not pre-scripted, such as using the climber's real time heart-rate to dynamically adjust the speed or slope of the climbing wall.

logging and graphs:

The code also allows for recording of logs and generation of graphs based on the log data. heartrate graph speed and incline graph