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The best launcher for Windows

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Announcement: First installer for the public beta is coming on March 1st!

James is an application launcher for windows enabling you to find and open files as well as programs easily and fast. Furhtermore it's possible to extend James by the use of so-called Workflows. You can find a download center for James online under the following url:


Search for files

When developing James, our team invented a powerful Search-Algorithm enabling you to find files faster than ever before. Utilizing a priority-based system to sort your search results, the file you're looking for is only a few keystrokes away. These priorities automatically adjust, so the more you use James the better it's going to get. You can also tweak them yourself, using cmd/ctrl + up/down. Moreover does the search provide a variety of options besides opening the files and folders. For example, by pressing cmd, or ctrl on windows, your filemanager will pop up, showing you where the search result actually is. Other features include auto-completion and quick-look support, making James the most awesome launcher that has ever existed.

Configure your Search Scope

Other than tools like Spotlight, James allows your to define exactly where he's gonna search. Define rules like: "My desktop is the most important folder", "I don't want to find txt files inside my movie folder", "Never index any bin directories" or "Prefer cpp over py files". Of course there's a default configuration, if you don't want to mess around with these things. But just in case, having possibilities like that is pretty nice, isn't it?

Extend James with Workflows

James ships with an immensely powerful Workflow-Editor, which takes launchers to the next level. It allows even none-programmers to extends the launcher using a simple drag & drop system. Viewing the weather forecast, setting timers, searching youtube - even opening SAP transactions is possible. Create your very own Workflows to increase your productivity!


  • Michael Moser
  • Florian Leimgruber

Used tools & special thx to: