OAuth2 Ruby client library for the Google Data APIs
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OAuth2 Google Data client library for Ruby

Install the gem

gem install google_oauth


Before you begin you will need a client_id and client_secret for your application from Google. You can create one from the Google API Console - ensure you click on API Access and create an OAuth2 client ID.

With your Client ID credentials you can now initialize the client:

client = GoogleOAuth::Client.new(
  :client_id => 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID', 
  :client_secret => 'YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET', 
  :redirect => 'YOUR_REDIRECT_URI',

redirect_to client.authorization_url

At this point the client is redirected to the Google login page. If they authorize your application then Google will return to your redirect URL with a code parameter.

token = client.authorize(:code => params[:code])

You now have a valid token that you can store for future requests. You can initialize the client with this token if you already have it:

client = GoogleOAuth::Client.new(
  :client_id => 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID', 
  :client_secret => 'YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET', 
  :token => 'USER_TOKEN'

Working with Calendars

The Google Calendar API supports the jsonc format. Check out the Google Documentation to see what properties are available.

Here is an example that gets the users first calendar and loops over all the events:

calendar = client.own_calendars.items.first

client.events(calendar.eventFeedLink).items.each do |event|
  puts event.title