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A ruby library to regurgitate MOO products
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WARNING: This Gem is currently hideously out of date and not maintained. If you want to fix it, I will be very grateful.

Aiming to make the moo API almost as easy to use for developers as the site itself.


If you've never installed a gem from github before - enter the following and you will eternally be graced by a thousand minds:
gem sources -a

Then you can install this like any other gem:
gem install james-ruminant


All parameters are done in an ActiveRecord attributes style, i.e. they can be passed into new() as a hash, and are all attr-accessors. Note that product objects do not have attributes that are not impossible for that product, and that a Sticker will raise an error if you try to give it text.

Making an order:
require 'rubygems'
require 'moo'
order = => "your api key")

Adding a product:
moocard = => "http://farm...")
order.designs << moocard

Adding text
moocard.text = "This is line 1 \n This is line 2"
moocard.line(1) #=> This is line 1
moocard.line(1).bold = true
moocard.line(1).align = "right"
moocard.line(1).font = "modern"
moocard.line(1).colour = "#444444"
moocard.bold = true # sets bold=true on all lines

Submitting to moo:
order.to_xml # Gives you the generated xml if you want to manually submit it
if order.error?

Current Limitations

Currently I only support MiniCards and Stickers, but have made it incredibly easy to add the other supported products.
I haven't yet, as I do not have a personal need, so don't feel I can test it. If you have such a need, do let me know, as we can add it.

Manual Cropping is not currently supported for the same reason.

Please please please do feel to give feedback and/or submit patches. I want this library to be as helpful as possible, but can only do that if I know what you want.

Contributors thus far
Xenia Kingsley - Naming powers
Chris Mear - Fixing stuff, and provides the wine
Dan Webb - Wisdom
Tom Armitage - adding Moo::Sticker

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