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Circular reference #2

pvencill opened this Issue Aug 30, 2011 · 16 comments


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4 participants

The described syntaxes do not work. With the structure:


I get a circular reference error when running rake db:seed

which states that

Tasks: TOP => db:seed => db:seed:common => db:seed:original

running rake db:seed:users works as advertised.


james2m commented Aug 30, 2011

Can you give me a gist of your Gemfile.lock, and the error and the rake version?

Sure. Gemfile.lock is here: https://gist.github.com/1180687

Error is here: https://gist.github.com/1180690

Rake is 0.9.2


I have the same problem.


james2m commented Nov 14, 2011

Hi rubyconvict,

Could you give me versions and Gemfile.lock. I haven't been able to reproduce it yet.


Rails 3.0.5
Rake 0.8.7


james2m commented Nov 21, 2011

@rubyconvict & @pvencill I'm still struggling to reproduce this. Can you both give me ruby version, your Gemfile and Rubygems version and the output from

$ rake -P
$ rake -vn db:seed


I gave you mine in gists above.

styx commented Jul 16, 2012

Same here.

$ rake db:seed
rake aborted!
Circular dependency detected: TOP => db:seed => db:seed:common => db:seed:original => db:seed:common

james2m commented Jul 16, 2012

@styx Can you give me your Gemfile.lock exact ruby and rake versions and a zip up of your seeds file. I've never had enough information to re-create this so anything that'll help me reproduce it would be great.


styx commented Jul 16, 2012

Sorry, but I can't provide a full state. Check out archive for details.

styx commented Jul 19, 2012

@james2m did that files helped you any way? I'd wish to remove them from my dropbox.


james2m commented Jul 19, 2012

@styx Thanks. I still can't reproduce the issue. I'm going to refactor the way some of the code related to the issue works. I don't need these files any more. Would you be prepared to test the refactored code when I push it?

styx commented Jul 20, 2012

Yep, I'll test it. Thanks for your work.


james2m commented Jul 23, 2012

@pvencill @rubyconvict @styx I've worked out what causes this. In your environments Rails is loading the seed tasks twice. I've re-factored the code to stop this happening. Would you mind testing this in your applications as I cannot reproduce it except in the test suite. By using the branch with the fix on it in your Gemfile;

gem 'seedbank', :git => 'git://github.com/james2m/seedbank.git', :branch => 'refactor-dsl'


@james2m james2m closed this in dc4f365 Jul 24, 2012

styx commented Sep 6, 2012

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