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An open source Danmaku development kit for Unity3D.
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DanmakU is an high performance, open source development kit for Unity3D focused on simplifying the development of 2D bullet hell games.

Check out the documentation or join the Discord Server for more realtime support.


  • Comprehensive toolset for firing and managing large quantities of similar objects.
  • Built for high multithreaded performance with the Unity C# Jobs system and GPU instancing.
  • (Virtually) Zero garbage collection allocs.
  • Compatible with, and built on the Unity MonoBleedingEdge (.NET 4.6) runtime.
  • Easy and composable bullet pattern construction with the Fireables API.

Requirements and Caveats

  • Unity 2018.1 or newer.
  • Support for Procedural GPU Instancing. All shaders used to render bullets must have GPU Instancing enabled. Requires Shader Model 4.5 or newer.
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