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Solr Mongo Importer

Welcome to the Solr Mongo Importer project. This project provides MongoDb support for the Solr Data Import Handler.


  • Retrive data from a MongoDb collection
  • Authenticate using MongoDb authentication
  • Map Mongo fields to Solr fields
  • Delta import available


  • MongoDataSource - Provides a MongoDb datasource
    • database (required) - The name of the data base you want to connect to
    • host (optional - default: localhost)
    • port (optional - default: 27017)
    • username (optional)
    • password (optional)
  • MongoEntityProcessor - Use with the MongoDataSource to query a MongoDb collection
    • collection (required)
    • query (required)
    • deltaQuery (optional)
    • deltaImportQuery (optional)
  • MongoMapperTransformer - Map MongoDb fields to your Solr schema
    • mongoField (required)


  1. Firstly you will need a copy of the Solr Mongo Importer jar.

    Getting Solr Mongo Importer

    1. Download the latest JAR from github
    2. Build your own using the ant build script you will need the JDK installed as well as Ant and Ivy
  2. You will also need the [Mongo Java driver JAR] (

  3. Place both of these jar's in your Solr libaries folder ( I put mine in 'dist' folder with the other jar's)

  4. Add lib directives to your solrconfig.xml

    <lib path="../../dist/solr-mongo-importer-{version}.jar" />
    <lib path="../../dist/mongo.jar" />

##Usage Here is a sample data-config.xml showing the use of all components

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
     <dataSource name="MyMongo" type="MongoDataSource" database="Inventory" />
     <document name="Products">
         <entity processor="MongoEntityProcessor"
                 transformer="MongoMapperTransformer" >
             <field column="title"           name="title"       mongoField="Title"/>
             <field column="description"     name="description" mongoField="Long Description"/>
             <field column="brand"           name="brand"  />