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Note: osnap has been superceeded by pyship. See

osnap - Overly Simplistic Native Application tool for Python


OSNAP 0.0.6 has been released on github and PyPI.

New on 0.0.6:

  • 32 bit Windows support
  • console app (not just Windows) support
  • don't require a requirements.txt (i.e. if your Python program is only using built-ins)
  • properly use logging package (drop verbose parameters)
  • provide a switch to not create the NSIS installer (just stop after creating the binary)
  • version checking


OSNAP is a way to deliver self-contained Python applications to end users for Windows and OSX/MacOS. This process is known as freezing and installing. Examples include delivering Python applications to Windows PCs (both laptops and desktops), MacBooks, and iMacs.

Now on PyPI: pip install osnap

See the documentation at readthedocs .


James Abel

Eli Ribble