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🤙 Send, a client application for browsing and reading articles from Dirt Rag Magazine
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🤙 Send

Send is a JavaScript-powered Progressive Web Application for browsing and reading articles from Dirt Rag Magazine. It is written in Vue.js using the Nuxt framework and is powered by the WordPress API with a few Advanced Custom Fields. In essence, it is an example of a "headless" CMS.

Send runs in two Docker containers; send-web runs the Nuxt server, and send-server runs an nginx proxy, signed with an SSL certificate with the help of certbot. On first docker-compose run, the helpful danieldent/nginx-ssl-proxy image should take care of everything.

For more detail on the app architecture and functionality, see the README in the /app directory of this repository.

Project setup

git clone

Compiles, minifies for production, and starts servers

docker-compose up --build --force-recreate -d

Inspect Docker bridge network

docker network inspect send_default

Follow send-web logs

docker logs -f send-web

Follow send-server logs

docker logs -f send-server

Rebuild send-web on code updates/releases

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