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Commits on Mar 8, 2012
  1. Added whitespace

Commits on Sep 19, 2010
  1. @danielgrippi


    kook authored danielgrippi committed
  2. @danielgrippi

    czech translation

    kook authored danielgrippi committed
  3. @jhass @danielgrippi

    fixed drag & drop on aspect manage page

    jhass authored danielgrippi committed
  4. @jhass @danielgrippi

    made websocket server host configurable

    jhass authored danielgrippi committed
  5. @danielgrippi

    description text for all boxes in manage page. search box text defaul…

    danielgrippi authored
    …ts to query on people#index.
  6. @danielgrippi
  7. @danielgrippi
Commits on Sep 18, 2010
  1. @danielgrippi
  2. @danielgrippi
  3. @danillos @danielgrippi

    Added locales files for portuguese brazilian.

    danillos authored danielgrippi committed
  4. @danielgrippi

    Finnish locales

    ’Jarkko authored danielgrippi committed
  5. @danielgrippi
  6. @Otacon @danielgrippi

    Added italian translation (it)

    Otacon authored danielgrippi committed
  7. @zturtleman @danielgrippi

    Lithuanian local should use 'lt' not 'en'

    zturtleman authored danielgrippi committed
  8. @jakutis @danielgrippi
  9. @arielo

    Added devise spanish locale

    arielo authored Maxwell Salzberg committed
  10. @arielo

    Added I18n initializer

    arielo authored Maxwell Salzberg committed
  11. @rwaldron

    More clean up to decrementRequestsCounter()

    rwaldron authored Maxwell Salzberg committed
  12. @rwaldron

    Cached all reused match selector sets, moved synchronous functions in…

    rwaldron authored Maxwell Salzberg committed
    …to callbacks where needed for optimization; Moved all DOM manip into $(function () {} )
  13. @rwaldron

    Moved .live(...) into $(function() {}) block - DOM logic should not b…

    rwaldron authored Maxwell Salzberg committed
    …e left to synchronously execute outside of a DOMContentLoaded closure
  14. @brinchj

    Remove trailing whitespace

    brinchj authored Maxwell Salzberg committed
Commits on Sep 17, 2010
  1. @donpdonp @danielgrippi
  2. @5v3n @danielgrippi
  3. @cori @danielgrippi
  4. @danielgrippi

    Added note about universe being required under Ubuntu to

    T-Moe authored danielgrippi committed
  5. Added check to see if Mongod is running

    Ethan Bruning authored Maxwell Salzberg committed
  6. @patcito

    show comments ordered by created_at, they are showing up at random or…

    patcito authored Maxwell Salzberg committed
    …der without that
  7. Restore thin yml

    Raphael authored
  8. scope album queries through user

    Raphael authored
  9. Put master deploy info back in master

    Raphael authored
  10. @voxdolo

    Refactor Album spec

    voxdolo authored
    * use let(!) where appropriate (see [1] for more info).
    * use `context` to portray scenarios
    * use `describe` to portray method and Class specifications
    * omit the word "should" from example descriptions (Dave Chelimsky
      remarked to me that it was "tantamount to line-noise" and I'm of the
      opinion that it adds no value.
    * use more idiomatic Ruby (prefer things like 2.times to 1.upto(2))
    * use more idiomatic Rails (prefer 1.minute.from_now to +
    * use more idiomatic Rspec (prefer album.should be_valid to
      album.valid?.should be_true
    * also ensure to only make one assertion per example
    Other sundry cleanups.
  11. Give slightly more specific error message

    Raphael authored
  12. Fix websocket specs

    Raphael authored
  13. Run 3 thins

    Raphael authored
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