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JSLint Error Explanations

This is the repository for the content of the JSLint Errors website. If you're reading this hopefully you're looking to help out by adding an article for a missing JSLint, JSHint or ESLint error message.


If you would like to add a new explanation or correct a mistake in an existing one please fork this repository and make your changes in accordance with the contribution guidelines. All pull requests will be considered.

If you have a feature request related to the website or API please raise an issue in this repository. Although only the explanations themselves are tracked here this is the place for all discussion around the site and API too.


There is a simple API that can be used to find an explanation for linter messages dynamically. It's designed for integration into IDEs or web UIs. All responses are served wtih an Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header so you can request explanations from client-side JavaScript. See the documentation for all the details.


  • Where did the code for the website go?

The website itself is no longer open-source. All content remains open and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

  • Who can use the API?

Anyone! There are no restrictions whatsoever but please be sensible. But if you are planning on making thousands of requests over short periods of time please let me know or I'll probably throttle you.


📝 Explanations of all the (sometimes cryptic) error messages thrown by JSLint and JSHint






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