User defined language files to add jQuery code hinting to Notepad++
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jQuery Code Hinting and Autocompletion in Notepad++

This project consists of user-defined language files for the Notepad++ source code editor designed to add code hinting and autocompletion for jQuery methods.


jQuery autocompletion

jQuery code hinting


  • Download both userDefineLang_jQuery.xml and jquery.xml
  • Locate your Notepad++ installation directory and open up userDefineLang.xml
  • If the file is currently empty you don't have any user defined languages and you can simply replace the file with userDefineLang_jQuery.xml and rename it to userDefineLang.xml
  • If the file already has user defined languages in it you will need to merge it with userDefineLang_jQuery.xml.
    • Copy the contents of userDefineLang_jQuery.xml and paste it at the bottom of the existing userDefineLang.xml
    • Remove the superfluous `` at the point at which you pasted in the new content
    • Save and close this file
  • Open up the plugins/APIs directory and move the jquery.xml file into this location
  • Start up Notepad++. Select "Language" from the toolbar and then "jQuery" from the bottom
    • If "jQuery" does not appear in the list click on "View" followed by "User-Defined Dialogue..."
    • In the User-Defined Dialogue click "Import" and select the userDefineLang.xml file
    • Close the dialogue and restart the application. jQuery should now appear in the Language menu