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Replace string tokens in a bundle.
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string replace plugin for webpack

Usage example

var StringReplacePlugin = require("string-replace-webpack-plugin");
module.exports = {
   module: {
      loaders: [
         // configure replacements for file patterns
            test: /index.html$/,
            loader: StringReplacePlugin.replace({
                replacements: [
                        pattern: /<!-- @secret (\w*?) -->/ig,
                        replacement: function (match, p1, offset, string) {
                            return secrets.web[p1];
   plugins: [
      // an instance of the plugin must be present
      new StringReplacePlugin()

This allows for arbitrary strings to be replaced as part of the module build process. The original intent is to replace API keys in modules prior to deployment.


StringReplacePlugin.replace([nextLoaders: string], options, [prevLoaders: string])
  • nextLoaders loaders to follow the replacement
  • options
    • replacements disables the plugin
  • prevLoaders loaders to apply prior to the replacement



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