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Billfold provides backend Rails support for OmniAuth. Specifically, it
routes `/auth/:provider/callback` to
-`Billfold::IdentitiesController#update_or_create!`, which handles
-identity management.
+`Billfold::IdentitiesController#update_or_create`, which handles
+updating and creating user identities from OmniAuth hashes. It also
+provides `GET /identities` and `DELETE /identities/:id` for users to manage
+the identities attached to their account.
### Requirements
@@ -45,4 +47,9 @@ for your classes, you can, but you have to tell Billfold. You can do that like
Billfold.user_class_name = 'My::User'
- Billfold.identity_class_name = 'My::UserIdentity'
+ Billfold.identity_class_name = 'My::UserIdentity'
+#### Internationalization
+See `config/locales/en.yml` for a list of keys that must be translated to
+make the models, views, and controllers fully internationalized.

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