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+`rake -T` will show available Rake tasks, including test-running tasks.
## Commit-Bit Policy
If a commit of yours lands in the `master` branch, you've earned committer
@@ -93,3 +93,19 @@ yields
* `Em.I18n.translations` **must** be fully populated before Ember
renders any views. There are no bindings on the translations themselves,
so Ember will not know to re-render views when translations change.
+### Building
+To build ember-i18n from a clone of this repository, you will need to install
+a few Ruby gems defined in the Gemfile and use Rake. These instructions assume
+you have a recent version of Ruby and the Bundler gem.
+To install the gems, use `bundle install`. This only needs to be done once.
+You will also need a coffeescript compiler, if you don't already have one;
+`npm install -g coffee-script` should take care of that for you. Then you
+should be able to use the following Rake commands:
+ rake compile # Compiles coffeescript to JS
+ rake build:latest # Creates a build version, ember-i18n-latest.js, in the dist/ directory
+For more detail on running tests and contributing, see [](

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