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Coverage testing tool for The Go Programming Language
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Coverage testing tool for The Go Programming Language


go get


There are currently three gocov commands: test, report and annotate.

gocov test

Running gocov test <package> will, for the specified package, instrument all imported packages not part of the standard library, and run "go test". Upon completion, coverage data will be emitted in the form of a JSON document.

Packages will be recursively checked for imports, and those packages will also be instrumented. If you wish to exclude a package from instrumentation, you can specify an optional exclude flag, e.g. gocov test -exclude comma,separated,packages.

gocov report

Running gocov report <coverage.json> will generate a textual report from the coverage data output by gocov test. It is assumed that the source code has not changed in between.

Output from gocov test is logged to stdout so users with POSIX compatible terminals can direct the output to gocov report to view a summary of the test coverage, for example: -

gocov test mypackage | gocov report

gocov annotate

Running gocov annotate <coverage.json> <package[.receiver].function> will generate a source listing of the specified function, annotating it with coverage information, such as which lines have been missed.

Related tools

GoCovGUI: A simple GUI wrapper for the gocov coverage analysis tool.

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