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project concisely and clearly.</p>
<h2><a name="whytadaa" class="anchor" href="#whytadaa"><span class="octicon octicon-link"></span></a>Why use Tadaa?</h2>
- <p>Tadaa is an audio information radiators. Use it to play a sounds when your build fails,
+ <p>Tadaa is an audio information radiator. Use it to play a sounds when your build fails,
when you push your app live, when your fix a bug or any other events you feel like.
Set Tadaa running and sounds will alert you to important events without the need to
glance at another screen or gaze across at a wall of post-it notes.</p>
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<p>Now install any required plugins:</p>
<pre><code>npm install tadaa-zendesk --save</code></pre>
- <p>Copy any sound files required to the root directory of tadaa-runner (<a href="">issue #1</a>).</p>
<p>Copy the example-config.js installed with tadaa-runner to config.js. Edit config.js.
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