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Check for AWS S3 buckets that are not encrypted
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Check for AWS S3 buckets that are not encrypted and optionally encrypt them with SSE AES256, print a report in CSV format and exit with status.

For faster results with large buckets (> 10 GB) or millions of files, run from linux screen an an instance in the same AWS AZ as your S3 buckets.





total buckets=10
total unencrypted buckets=1
percent unencrypted=10%
total blacklisted buckets=0

echo $?

daily crontab entry:

1 1 * * * /path/


  • current AWS CLI tools must be installed and reachable via $PATH
  • ~/.aws must be configured with config and credentials files
  • jq is needed to calculate bucket sizes
  • tested on Linux and Mac OS X


"Copying the object over itself removes settings for storage-class and website-redirect-location. To maintain these settings in the new object, be sure to explicitly specify storage-class or website-redirect-location values in the copy request."

Use at your own risk - if you enable encrypt=1, there is considerable risk of dropping redirects and permissions.


MIT License

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