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Gender Breakdowns

This repo is a companion to my project where I am analyzing the gender breakdown in the movies I watch, the music I listen to, and the books I read.

So far, I have looked at the genders of the directors of the movies I've been watching. I also wrote a blog post about it. That post goes over the basics of how I used data that I have been entering in to letterboxd to find the gender breakdown.

If you use Letterboxd and would like to try the same thing, you are free to use the ruby script that I wrote for it!

  1. Export your Letterboxd data.
  2. Run ruby director-genders.rb in a directory containing:
    • director-genders.rb
    • a .env file containing a TMDB_API_KEY
    • the watched.csv file that you got from your Letterboxd export The script may take a long time to run if you have a lot of movies, since it is making two HTTP requests per movie.
  3. If you got any unknown results, go add genders to those directors on TMDB and re-run the script.

Let me know if you have any issues and I'll try to help out!


  • support multiple directors per movie