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IRC Javascript Evaluator Example
Just a simple example of using camel to receive a message from an irc based endpoint, route it through the appropriate scripting engine and send the result back to the irc endpoint. 

Requires JAVA_HOME to be set to a java6 SDK. Won't work on anything else because I wrote this quick and on the fly just to learn camel.

From the command line type 
 mvn compile exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=org.jamescarr.camel.Main

By default it creates a bot named lang-bot and drops it in #botwar on To test it, join and type

?js [some javascript snippet]
?rb [some ruby snippet]

for example:
?js (function(n){ return n==1?n:n*arguments.callee(n-1)})(5)

Under The Hood
If you want to see all the camel magic used for this example, take a peek at (where you can also specify the name for the bot as well). The spring configuration (irc-example.xml) is purposefully kept small and only contains the camelContext (so spring can manage it) and references to the script engines used (Because I don't know how to do it otherwise).

Have fun!
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