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RabbitMQ Scheduled Message Delivery

Earlier this month I gave a presentation at ComoRichWeb on RabbitMQ and one question from an attendee was "Is it possible to publish a message to be consumed at a later date?" I answered that it wasn't possible to the best of my knowledge, but that there might be some hack to accomplish it. Well, this evening while trying to figure out how to use a push vs. polling model for timed notifications I discovered a clever hack using temporary queues, x-message-ttl and dead letter exchanges.

The main idea behind this is utilizing a new feature available in 2.8.0, dead-letter exchanges. This AMQP extension allows you to specify an exchange on a queue that messages should be published to when a message either expires or is rejected with requeue set to false.

With this in mind, we can simply create a queue for messages we want to be delivered later with an x-message-ttl set to the duration we want to wait before it is delivered. And to ensure the message is transferred to another queue we simply define the x-dead-letter-exchange to an exchange we created (in this case I'll call it immediate) and bind a queue to it (the "").

In coffeescript with node-amqp this looks like this:

amqp   = require 'amqp'
conn   = amqp.createConnection()
key = "send.later.#{new Date().getTime()}"
conn.on 'ready', ->
  conn.queue key, {
    , "x-message-ttl": 5000

Next I define the immediate exchange, bind a queue to it and subscribe. 'immediate'

  conn.queue '', {autoDelete: false, durable: true}, (q)->
    q.bind('immediate', '')
    q.subscribe (msg, headers, deliveryInfo) ->
      console.log msg
      console.log headers

Finally, after defining the queue I created earlier we want publish a message on it. So to revisit the earlier queue definition we add a publish call to publish directly to the queue (using the default exchange).

conn.on 'ready', ->
  conn.queue key, {
    , "x-message-ttl": 5000
  }, ->
    conn.publish key, {v:1}, {contentType:'application/json'}

The result of running this is we'll see a 5 second wait and then the message content and headers get dumped to the console. One gotcha I noticed while experimenting with this is that while my send.later queue is set to auto-delete (meaning it should delete itself after my app is finished) it sticks around after I'm done with it. This is no doubt due to the broker maintaining a connection to it internally so as a final touch I also add an x-expires argument to the queue definition to ensure that the queue will eventually go away. is the result of this exercise in its entirety.

Running It

You'll need node.js (0.6.12 is what I am running) and coffee-script installed. You'll also need rabbitmq running with default settings.

$ git clone git://
$ cd rabbitmq-scheduled-delivery
$ npm install && coffee example


The current version of node-amqp has a parse bug when handling some message headers. This exercises uses my own patched version where I simply swallow the exception. I'll revert to use the real node-amqp when the issue is resolved.