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Thanks for your great project! Nice collection of snippets (I'm just discovering how awesome vim + snipmates is, and snipmate-nodejs really helped me out thanks!)

So this issue is about the idea to remotely and dynamically generate a bunch of tiny vim snipmates, directly from the information exposed in the new nodejs api doc.


Every .html document has a corresponding .json document presenting the same information in a structured manner.

So, I started playing with this json data and tried to build a snipmate generator from this data. There's even paramaters for each method, so that snipmate placholders could be generated and handled in some way too.

I've managed to get something that works quite nicely. I do really like the idea of automatically generating snipmates from latest nodejs api documentation and I'd like to see if there's an interest here for something like this.

I've started a repo to play with the idea, I wanted to fork and pull request but I felt like this was going to diverge quite a bit. So here is the issue, if your're interested with the idea, and potentially want to integrate this in snipmate-nodejs I would be more than happy to help with this. I have little to no interest in maintaining another node-snipmates repo and I'd rather much prefer a single, community-curated list of nodejs snippets.

Anyway, let me know what you think about the idea. And thanks for what you've build here.


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