Example of test driving socket.io, done with coffeescript and following the blog post at http://liamkaufman.com/blog/2012/01/28/testing-socketio-with-mocha-should-and-socketio-client/
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Testing Socket.IO with Mocha

This is the result of me following the excellent blog post by Liam Kaufman on Testing Socket.IO With Mocha, Should.js and Socket.IO Client and redoing the examples in coffeescript.

Getting It

$ git clone git@github.com:jamescarr/socket.io-test.git

$ cd socket.io-test

$ npm install

Running It

first-test and second-test tags

First start the server up

coffee chat-server.coffee

Then run the tests

mocha -R spec

refactor-no-more-manual-work and beyond

mocha -R spec


I've tagged my work at each stage of the blog post

  • first-test
  • second-test
  • refactor-no-more-manual-work
  • third-test

After passing the second test I refactored so I no longer had to start and stop the server outside of my tests.

I also make an abusive use of preinstall hooks in npm to fetch and install the latest snapshot of socket.io-client from github.