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Simple Zend Framework 2 skeleton project with built in vagrant support
Ruby Puppet Perl PHP

Zend Framework Skeleton (with Vagrant)

Vagrant box based setup that installs a virtual machine running CentOS configured with

  • apache
  • php
  • mysql

and setup with /var/www/html mapped to a zend framework 2 application. This project is the result of me following the stock Zend Framework 2 Tutorial.


git clone

Optionally you may map the ip to a host name in your /etc/hosts file, for example You can do this by running something like:

sudo echo '192.1168.50.4' >> /etc/hosts

Multiple Environments

  • is for local development (make changes and see the result right away)
  • is for testing cap staging deploys
  • is for testing prod deploys


This project has the following external dependencies


  • capstrano - for awesome deployments
  • capistrano-ext - for multiple environments
  • railsless-deploy - no rails plz. kthxbye.
  • guard-php - for awesome test running (more on this later)


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