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Order of INFO fields random #46

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I am reporting something that is not properly an issue, but I realized that the order of the fields in the INFO column of the VCF file is kind of random. I am obtaining this result since I am using PyVCF to populate some new INFO fields in a given VCF file (PyVCF works great for this purpose) and I realize that these new INFO fields are inserted in random order. The UnifiedGenotyper from GATK seems instead to neatly outputting them in alphabetical order. I suggest two possible options:
1) The order of the fields in the INFO column respect the order of the INFO fields in the header.
2) The order of the fields, both in the header and the INFO column be alphabetically sorted.


If you update to 0.4.5 the order of the fields will be as they are added (i.e. from the source file, then any you manually add).

The infos are stored in an ordereddict. which you can reorder: with something like:

reader.infos = OrderedDict(sorted(reader.infos.items()))

The INFO fields in the header are listed as they are added, but this is not so in the INFO column when I call the write_record function are in random order. I am trying to look at the code, but I can't really track the problem. When the INFO column is generated with this code:
def _format_info(self, info):
return ';'.join(["%s=%s" % (x, self._stringify(y)) for x, y in info.iteritems()])
The info.iteritems() iterator must not be ordered (I am using 0.4.5).


Changing "retdict = {}" to "retdict = OrderedDict()" in the file does the job. Though it would be nice if the order in the INFO column reflected the order in the header, instead of being computed through a different path.

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James Casbon store order of INFO column, closes #46 ccecafd
@gotgenes gotgenes pushed a commit to gotgenes/PyVCF that referenced this issue
James Casbon store order of INFO column, closes #46 e1a8e6b
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