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Fix contig test case for new contig header parsing #111

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Pull request #105 introduced improved parsing of Contig header lines. This change updates the unit tests accordingly.

@jamescasbon jamescasbon merged commit 39391ee into from
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  1. +1 −4 vcf/test/
5 vcf/test/
@@ -48,10 +48,7 @@ def test_vcf_4_1(self):
self.assertEqual(reader.metadata['fileformat'], 'VCFv4.1')
# contigs were added in vcf4.1
- # probably need to add a reader.contigs attribute
- assert 'contig' in reader.metadata
- assert 'ID' in reader.metadata['contig'][0]
- assert reader.metadata['contig'][0]['ID'] == '20'
+ self.assertEqual(reader.contigs['20'].length, 62435964)
# test we can walk the file at least
for r in reader:
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