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* cyclone:
* txmongo:
* pymongo
* twisted

* matplotlib (for plotting)
MongoDB running locally, please.  See cyc.tac/WebMongo if you want change that.
Uses the database codenode_dev by default.

Run the script to load a set of demo data.  


Run the twisted tac file with: 

    twistd -ny cyc.tac
Now open a browser at http://localhost:8888/ and try the tutorial.  You need
to click on "Tutorial" in the list of notebooks and then click *Edit* to 
work with the notebook.

After that go back to the frontpage and try creating a new notebook.


Notebooks are made up of collections of cells.  These cells have input and 
output boxes.  When a notebook is edited, an engine process is fired up on 
the server.  When code cells are evaluated, they are sent to the server
and the returned data is placed in the output.

The cells and notebooks are exposed by a REST API that is hooked up to 
backbone.js.  Cell evaluation is done via an an AJAX call.

Engine processes are spawned by the engine server.  They start with an XML-RPC
service that listens locally on a port.  The engineserver listens for 
requests from browsers and dispatches them to the engine prcocess.

The intention is for a registration process for engine servers so that the 
engineserver can be from a different domain to the notebook server and 
user provided.


Rename notebook by clicking on the notebook title.

Rewrite notebook list page to be a backbone view, and new notebook to be done 
through the REST API.

Engine processes are not killed by the engineserver due to the server ignoring

Spawner for new cells at the top of the notebook.

Engine needs to fork the interpeter to allow interrupts via xmlrpc to a engine
that is evaluating.

Expose engine interrupt on notebook view.

Notebook permissions model/share notebook view.

Engine server escaping of interpreter output.

Engine intepreter registration.

Engine server registration by users.

Engine environment for runtime configuration templates for engines.

Configuration system. 

Script to wrap twistd invocation.

Comments on notebooks or cells?

Javascript minification.

Use haml templates to generate template/*.html?

Add in line wraps to calculation of ace height.

Include ace mode to use in notebook mode.

Eye candy for hiding/displaying text mode editors.

Control buttons to save, play.

Clone notebook operation

Notebook versioning (hard with the current data model!)

Notebook upboat/favourite.

Completer frontend/backend code.

Markdown mode for ace/Other text renderers.

V8 engine.

R engine.

Haskell engine.

Check fonts on linux/windows.

Add ace decoration for line where error happened.

Redis/nginx dynamic reverse proxy direct to engine process rather to replace
engine server for production.

svgs appended to bottom of page are never visible.