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General guide

The default behavior is to add the source directory to the import path.
Developers are expected to build the extension libraries in place with:

python build_ext -i

See the section on flags on how to customize this behavior.

Typical use cases

Test modules end with suffix. Each test module may be 
executed on its own and will produce high verbosity output.

The script may be used to run all test modules 
or a subset of them.

Run all tests (modules that end in 

To run one test you can execute the file itself: 

Other way to run one test is via the runtest script:

Run two tests: 

Run all tests excluding seqdb_test:
	python -x 

Change verbosity levels:
	python -v 2

You may use full file names, or module names.


To see the flags execute the script with the -h flag
	python -h

Usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -n, --nopath          do not alter the python import path
  -b, --buildpath       use the platform specific build directory
  -s, --strict          stops testing after a test suite fails
  -x, --exclude         excludes the files that are listed
  -v VERBOSITY, --verbosity=VERBOSITY
                        sets the verbosity (0, 1, or 2)
  --coverage            runs figleaf and collects the coverage information
  --performance         runs the performance tests (not implemented)

These options are only used internally:

  --port=PORT           sets the port information for the XMLRPC server
                        sets the pygraphdata path for the XMLRPC server
                        sets the downloadDB shelve for the XMLRPC server
                        sets the downloadable resources, separate multiple
                        ones with a : symbol

  - The lowest (0) verbosity turns off DEBUG level messages
  - The test specific connection information is read out from the 
   mysql.cnf file in the tests2 directory (for now it is last resort 
   but should be the primary way)
  - The main test runner will delete the temp directory before each run.
  - Each test module must implement the get_suite() function that returns 
  a unittest test suite
  - Import the pathfix module at the start of each test module to alter the 
  import path. This module will parse and apply the command line variables.
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