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Things I wish I'd known about Django

Date: 2015-07-18 20:00
summary:Django has been my go-to web framework for about three years. But I wish I'd started with it sooner. This became a talk which I gave at the London Django meetup in July this year.

This month at The London Django meetup I gave a talk about some of the things I wish I'd known about Django (before I started).


My thanks to Piotr, who I mentioned in the talk. For years he told me to check out Django because "it does things right". Only when I'd truly broken myself with PHP did I take his advice and I haven't looked back.

Django opened the door for me to:

  • Python which has become my backend language of choice.
  • Test Driven Development which has become a way of life.

More Power

When I'm developing for web and using Django, I think it's possible for me to keep more features live with fewer errors than was previously possible for me with PHP based tools. I put this down to two main things:

  • The application of tests in my Django projects. I'm particularly happy with the test suite provided by Django. Where I've needed to rewire it or patch it, it's responded well.
  • The structure that Django provides, without enforcing how projects are built.


I wish I'd jumped into Django sooner. If you're thinking about transitioning to it, see what you can do today. I think it pays back in the long run.

Thanks for reading.