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A Pelican theme using Bootstrap 2 and Droid fonts.

Example running on, screenshot here.


Theme is still in a very basic state. It has:

  • Basic content listing - home, tag, category.
  • Single post and single page templates. Articles can be linked to their source code URLs.
  • A touch of responsiveness.
  • Tag pages.
  • Category pages.
  • Code highlighting with monokai.
  • Works with Pelican related_posts plugin.

And some bugs!

Missing things

  • Author pages.
  • Multi language support.
  • Handling of Pelican links setting.
  • Clean and valid HTML - partly as a result of some external libraries.

It's all open - contributions welcome, especially with HTML / CSS. Please check out the Issues.


We've stuck a few settings in to customise the theme.


  • PROFILE_IMG_URL - Set the image for the top circle cutout. (Has no default yet).
  • TAGLINE - Used for the page titles and some meta tags.

Article source links

Droidstrap can link to an article's source code within a repository, for example, on GitHub. Update the following settings to enable this feature:

  • SHOW_SCM_LINKS - Set to True to turn on article source links.
  • SCM_BASE_URL - Set as the public URL of your blog's source tree. E.g. ''
  • SCM_LINK_TEXT - Optional, set a text to be used for article source links. Defaults to 'Article source'.

Plus for each article that source should be shown a scm_path property should be added to the article metadata. This should be the name of the file in the repository relative to the SCM_BASE_URL.

License & Contributors

Licensed under GNU Affero GPL 3 - the same license as Pelican itself.

Contributors are listed. Thanks all!


Simple Bootstrap based theme with Droid fonts for Pelican blogs


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