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Pyramid Router Talk - Examples

This code was demonstrated at the first Pyramid London meetup (meetup page).

Slides are available on my blog post.

The demo code builds a very simple WordPress-like site called PyramidPress. It uses a fake database that you'll see in the __init__ file. There are simple URLs for /users and /user/page to show a user's profile and page respectively.

The master branch includes a demonstration of 'URL Dispatch', the traversal branch changes this up into a traversal strategy.


Build your virtualenv - this repository assumes it will be in the env folder and gitignores it.

virtualenv --python=[ROUTE TO YOUR PYTHON]/bin/python env

Activate and pip install the requirements.

source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Prepare the source for development.

python develop

This will update the egg info and pull in packages.

Run the server with reload which is helpful.

pserve development.ini --reload

And visit your local host. http://localhost:6543/ to see the URL dispatch in operation.

In order to experiment with traversal, checkout the traversal branch:

git checkout traversal

And pserve should reload with the updated code.


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