Magento autoloader strategy for patching Mage.php and adding composer autoloader
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Applying generic patches using the patch tool using Composer's script feature.
The patching is idempotent as much as the patch tool is, meaning patches will not be re-applied if patch decides not to.

Project setup

a) Patches need to be declared in the extra config area of Composer (root package only):

    "extra": {
        "magento-root-dir": "public",
        "patches": {
            "patch-group-1": {
                "patch-name-1": {
                    "type": "patch",
                    "title": "Allow composer autoloader to be applied to Mage.php",
                    "url": "https://url/to/file1.patch"
            "patch-group-2": {
                "patch-name-1": {
                    "title": "Fixes Windows 8.1",
                    "url": "https://url/to/file2.patch"
            "shell-patch-group-1": {
                "magento-shell-patch-name-1": {
                    "type": "shell",
                    "title": "Magento security fix",
                    "url": "https://url/to/magento/shell/"

There are two types of patches:

  • type "patch" - generic patch/diff files, applied using the patch tool;
  • type "shell" - official Magento shell patches, which are able to apply and/or revert themselves and are self-contained.

If no type is declared, "patch" is assumed. If you have such a patch type declared, you must set the "magento-root-dir" extra config, pointing to the Mage root folder, or else it will fail with an error.

"Shell" patches will be copied in the Mage root (set by the "magento-root-dir" extra config), triggered, then removed.

A patch's group and name will create its ID, used internally (i.e. patch-group-1/patch-name-1), so make sure you follow these 2 rules:

  • patch-group-1 MUST be unique in the patches object literal
  • patch-name-1 MUST be unique in its patch group

Examples of patch groups: "magento", "drupal", "security". Examples of patch names: "CVS-1", "composer-autoloader".

b) Additional scripts callbacks need to be added for automatic patching on install or update (root package only):

  "scripts": {
    "post-install-cmd": "Inviqa\\Command::patch",
    "post-update-cmd": "Inviqa\\Command::patch"

You can use whatever Composer Command event you want, or even trigger the events manually.
Again, note that only Command events are supported. Please check the above link to see which ones are they.

c) the patch tool must be available