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  1. Install the arduino IDE []
  2. Install the ESP8266 addon
  3. File > Preferences
  4. Copy into the Additional Boards Manager URLs:
  5. Go to Tools Boards, Boards Manager
  6. Install the esp8266 addon
  7. Select the Generic ESP8266 Module as your board
  8. Install the WifiManager Code
  9. Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries
  10. Search for wifimanager and install it
  11. Download the esp8266_gateway code
  12. Rename NodeConfig-template.h to NodeConfig.h
  13. Open esp8266_gateway.ino
  14. Edit NodeConfig.h and add in your location, node ID
  15. Upload the code via a serial adapter (e.g FTDI) connected to the 5 pin header.
  • Pin 1 is closest to the USB connector.

  • Before uploading, GPIO0 must be pulled low by shorting pins 4 and 5 and the board must be restarted.

    Pin Function
    1 Ground
    2 Rx
    3 Tx
    4 Ground
    5 GPIO0