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A community maintained database of topological examples featuring automated deduction and powerful search.
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Bundle updates

Mostly for the security vulnerability in Nokogiri
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See the live site at

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Testing locally

To run locally, you will need to install the following dependencies:

  • postgres
  • ruby 2.0 (recommended through rbenv)
  • redis

Then run the following:

$ git clone
$ cd pi-base
$ bundle          # Installs gem packages as specified in the Gemfile
$ rake db:setup   # Creates the database, with its required tables

At this point you should be set up to use any of these commands:

$ rails c           # Starts an interactive rails console session
$ rails s           # Spins up a rails server at localhost:3000

If you have other gems installed on your system, you may need to prefix rake and rails commands with bundle exec.

Feel free to email me if you have any trouble getting things up and running.


I would love bug reports and feature requests. Feel free to submit those in the GitHub issues.

If you want to push up code, open up a pull request. I'll review it, merge it in, and push it live once it's good to go.


  • Get proof tracing visualization working and enabled (and fix link on homepage)
    • "automated deduction" and "follow along"
  • Resolve DNS

  • Finish updating styling throughout

    • Trait index
    • Sticky footer
    • Search box
  • Develop and support ?/Unknown search syntax; update example on frontpage ("search")
  • Figure out why trait specs are failing when run en masse, but not individually
  • Prefetch all relevant traits when checking a theorem against a space
  • Stress test sucker_punch
  • Score ES name hits higher than description hits
  • Styling
    • Check icons, general checking
    • Fixed footer
    • Style login pages
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