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Aloha Editor License

(This information is copied directly from the website. Be aware that there is a LICENSE.txt file in the WebContent-directory.)

Aloha Editor is meant to be of benefit to both free open source as well as commercial software developers. It should be able to sustain continous development by itself and thus help all stakeholders profiting from the developments to come. Therefore we adopted a dual licensing approach for Aloha Editor.

##Opensource License.

The Open Source version of this great software is released under the terms of AGPLv3 License.

##Commercial License.

If you are a commercial software developer and you want to release your software under a different license than AGPLv3, you may purchase commercial licenses from Gentics Software GmbH. By purchasing commercial licenses we offer you the freedom to choose different ways of licensing and get professional support from our core developers. Contact us for more information!

##Relation of ideek to this code

All code in this repository (where applicable) supplied by ideek that are used mainstream by Gentics are subject to a Contributer agreement that provides Gentics with the rights to decide about the code whatever they want. Any contributions that you don't want to be part of this agreement must be marked clearly as such and practically for sure cannot be merged in mainstream. (Any actions done with this repository that do not involve editing it directly (like checkouts and forks) of course don't force you to anything but the AGPL license itself.)