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Add devices to iPhone mobile provisioning profiles from the command-line!


As an iPhone developer, adding new devices to existing mobile provisioning profiles is an action you'll regularly have to perform, e.g., when setting up your beta testing program.

Doing this through Apple's iPhone Developer Program is a tedious task, involving many mouse clicks (at least 15, if you're not logged in, plus 2 for every extra device)

This tool alleviates this painful process by offering a simple command line tool that you run from your project directory.


  • Adding a batch of devices
  • Simple YAML configuration and input files
  • Device UDID and name validation
  • Detects already present devices, but will add them to the profile anyway
  • Supports wildcard profiles
  • Tries to match the most specific profile
  • Checks if a new profile download is pending and tries again (3 times)


Usage: mopropro [options] UDID name

You must provide credentials, either through the command line options
or in a YAML file (in the current working directory) named '.mopropro'

You can also use stdin to provide multiple device entries
For example: 'cat devices.yml | mopropro'

This program will look for an Info.plist file in the current directory
to get the app identifier from (unless you specify --no-provisioning)

    -u, --username USERNAME          ADC Username
    -p, --password PASSWORD          ADC Password
        --no-provisioning            Do not create a provisioning profile, only add devices
    -v, --verbose                    Be verbose


NOTE: Execute these commands from your project directory, containing the Info.plist file.


mopropro -u user -p passwd 12345abcde0987654321fedcb0123456789abcde "Name for device"

Using a config file

For the same result as above, but without having to type your password, create a YAML .mopropro file in the current working directory with

username: user
password: passwd

And run

mopropro 12345abcde0987654321fedcb0123456789abcde "Name for device"

Adding multiple devices

Create a YAML file with device entries

12345abcde0987654321fedcb0123456789abcde: Name for device
abcde0987654321fedcb0123456789abcde12345: Second device
0987654321fedcb0123456789abcde12345abcde: Third device

And pipe it through MoProPro

cat devices.yml | mopropro -u user -p passwd


Example of verbose output

Validating input... Ok.
Getting App Id...
Logging in... Ok.
Looking up existing devices... 
 - Warning: Device UDID abcde0987654321fedcb0123456789abcde12345 already exists, with name 'Test'.
Adding 2 devices... Submitted.
Looking up provisioning profile... 
 - Found 5 profiles
 - Found 2 matching profiles
 - Found Ad Hoc profile
 - Adding devices
Saving profile with new devices... Ok.
Waiting a bit while the new profile is generated... Ok.
Trying to retrieve new profile... Got it!
Saved new provisioning profile to 'Example_Ad_Hoc.mobileprovision'