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Base Spring MVC Web Application

This project is a very simple base Spring MVC web application that can be used as a starting point to build any Spring MVC application. It was created to help the initial phase of starting a new project and wiring together the basic elements. In particular it contains the best practices in a number of areas as follows:

  • Servlet Best Practices
    • No web.xml all config using annotation (Servlet 3.0) - (not yet implemented)
  • Spring Configuration Best Practices
    • JavaConfig configuration (where possible - i.e. everything except Spring Security)
    • Spring Security (with custom login page)
  • View / Client Best Practices
    • Hierachical freemarker (to split up / modularise views)
    • CSS at top
    • JS at bottum (loaded asynchronously)
    • Specifying favicon, apple-touch-icon
    • Minified & Bundled JS / CSS - that can be controlled from query string (bundled / unminified / disbaled)
    • Minified HTML
    • Long expiry time for resources (using fingerprint) - (not fully working yet)
  • Testing Best Practices
    • BDD style approach
    • In-process automated acceptance tests (using new features in Spring 3.2 combined with JSoup)
    • Page Object (encapsulates page interaction)
  • Logging Best Practices
    • Logback
    • Symantic logging - (not yet implemented)

The intention is that this application is:

  • a simple example
  • a quick to start any Spring MVC web application
  • an easy way to follow best practice

To achieve these aims this project will be kept up to date with the latest features on a regular basis.

More information about this application can be found at:

Upgraded for Spring 4.0.2

Previous version based on Spring 3.2.1 is still available under branch spring_3_2_1_version.

New Features Added

  • Spring Security (via Java Config)
    • login / logout
    • user registration
    • update password
  • JPA Persistence via EBeans
  • Email sending (including integration testing via Wiser)
  • In-process Multi-Page Top-to-Bottom Integration Testing
  • All libraries upgrade (except WRO4J)

Remaining TODO Items

  • Thymeleaf Templates (for rendering email HTML)
  • Replace web.xml with WebApplicationInitializer & WebMvcConfigurerAdapter (therefore removal of last xml files)
  • Upgrade WRO4J
  • Long expiry time for resources (using fingerprints)
  • Symantic logging using MDC (Mapped Diagnostic Context)


Simple base Spring MVC web application






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