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To build dropt:
For systems using GNU make:
make -f Makefile.[COMPILER] [OPTIONS] [TARGETS]
where COMPILER may be `gcc` or `clang`.
For systems using Microsoft's C/C++ compiler (MSVC):
nmake /f Makefile.vcwin32 [OPTIONS] [TARGETS]
Enables debug assertions and disables compiler optimizations.
Disables dropt's string management functionality. Enabling this
will disable dropt's help facility and will disable built-in error
messages. Using this option isn't recommended, but it's provided
for anyone who either:
A. Requires strict C89 compatibility.
B. Is paranoid and doesn't trust dropt's string routines.
Uses wchar_t strings. (Windows-only)
Links against Microsoft's C run-time library dynamically instead of
statically. (Windows-only)
all Builds everything.
clean Deletes built files.
example Builds the example.
lib Builds the dropt C static library.
libxx Builds the dropt C++ static library.
test Builds and runs the dropt unit tests.
The default target builds lib and libxx.