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Limegreen is a cross platform java application template which streamlines the process of creating java applications that run on different platforms.

It aims to produce the most native experience possible on each platform, including producing a .exe for Windows, .app and .dmg on Mac OSX and a .jar for Linux/Unix and other platforms.

Programs using limegreen include Limelight - http://jameslow.com/work/limelight/

What file do I need?

If you just want to start creating java applications you need the Xcode or the Ant project template (they contain source code). The source download is for creating the Xcode template or Ant template from scratch, and is not needed for most users.


  • Create .exe / .app / .dmg / .jar
  • Easy build using ant, with no configuration
  • Native look and feel for each platform
  • Built in logging / settings
  • Ant template
  • Eclipse plugin - Update site: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jamesdlow/limegreen/master/src/eclipse/update/
  • Xcode project template
  • Automatic Google Code release
  • Automatic Sourceforge release
  • Auto update
  • Wordpress integration for version history

Coming soon:

  • Netbeans plugin
  • Applet version of jar

Long term:

  • Settings window XML description
  • Standardised help file creation