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JDBreaksLoading Based on simple UIView and SpriteKit.

You can easily start up a little breaking game by one line.

By the way, don't make user wait too long to play the game~

Thanks for using.

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To add JDBreaksLoading to your view, just give it a frame and addSubview.

  let jdbreaksLoading:JDBreaksLoading = JDBreaksLoading(frame: frame)

Game Configuration

The default [ Ball, Block , Paddle -> All white, Block count: 3 ]

If you want to chagnge some game setting (color, block...etc).

You will need to set 'JDBreaksGameConfiguration'

  let config:JDBreaksGameConfiguration = JDBreaksGameConfiguration(paddle_color: UIColor.white, ball_color:  UIColor.white, block_color:  UIColor.white, blocks_count: 3)
  let jd:JDBreaksLoading = JDBreaksLoading(frame: frame, configuration: config)