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This is a program made with R / ggplot2 (v2.2.1) that machine processes ballots, winners, and plots standings for your Oscars pool.

Key features (and the reasons for the program's existence, since I wasn't able to find any web based system that offered these things):

  • Quickly determine where you and your friends stand in your pool during the ceremony with a multi-layered plot
  • Tailor a points system for your pool, e.g. 5 points for correctly picking Best Picture
  • Blind ballots- it's no fun when the picks in your pool are totally homogeneous; blind ballots encourage everyone to do a bit of research rather than follow the pack, and this gives you that option
  • Create HTML tables of everyone's picks

Here are the full results and picks from my pool for the 2018 awards, with just the standings plot below.

Alt text

How does it work?

  1. Send ballot_%Y.txt to your friends
  2. Have them write their name under "name:" duh
  3. Have them make their picks by deleting the nominees who they think will lose
  4. That's it (i.e. instruct your pool to not otherwise alter the ballot; the ~ and : characters, for instance, are needed for parsing)

A NOTE FROM 2019: I'm now using an HTML form and a backend service to receive picks and export a csv that's read by calling PicksDF. So, another option!

The completed ballots (or csv of picks) should be placed in data/completed_ballots. If desired, alter the number of points per category in winners.csv. During the ceremony, update winners.csv with the winners in each category (exactly as they're named on the ballot) and the order that they're announced, then source oscars.R and call Plot(df) to create the standings plot.


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