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This is a fork from the original (and long dead) iso-3166-country-select Rails plugin to make it available as a gem and update it as necessary.
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Compatible with Rails 5.2

Provides a simple helper to get a HTML select list of countries. The list of countries comes from the ISO 3166 standard. While it is a relatively neutral source of country names, it may still offend some users.

Users are strongly advised to evaluate the suitability of this list given their user base.


Install as a gem using

gem install country-select

Or put the following in your Gemfile

gem 'country-select'


Simple use supplying model and attribute as parameters:

country_select("user", "country_name")

Supplying priority countries to be placed at the top of the list:

country_select("user", "country_name", [ "United Kingdom", "France", "Germany" ])

Supplying additiontal options:

country_select("user", "country_name", [ "United Kingdom", "France", "Germany" ], {:prompt => "Choose Country"}, {:class => "country-chooser"})

Using together with form_for or fields_for:

<%= form_for @user do |f| %>
  <%= f.country_select("country_name") %>
<% end %>

Copyright (c) 2008 Michael Koziarski, released under the MIT license

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